Glasgow Science Festival: Plant Positive in the Botanics

The Healthy Cognition Lab will be participating in the Glasgow Science Festival in the Botanic Gardens, Glasgow. You’ll find us on September 8, 9, and 10 from 11-14 hours for a lunch-time event.

Join us for a myth-busting conversation about the role of food in climate change!  You will learn about the role of Psychology in sustainable diets, and take home some easy and positive tips for reducing your own carbon footprint. 

You can find some of our materials and tips here:

  1. Easy Climate-Food Facts. Myth or Truth?
  2. How you can help others who are reducing their meat or dairy intake
  3. Take-home tips for reducing your own meat intake
  4. Video presentation of our recent work on “The Psychology of how (not) to describe plant-based foods” as part of the Glasgow Science Festival – Science on the Sofa

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