Healthy Cognition Lab

The Healthy Cognition Lab is the research laboratory of Esther K. Papies at the School of Psychology and Neuroscience, University of Glasgow.  We are a supportive, proudly international team of researchers interested in health and sustainability, and we practice Open Science.

Our research addresses the cognitive processes underlying the regulation of health and consumer behavior and behavior change, especially in the domain of healthy and sustainable eating and drinking.  Our research uses a variety of behavioural, physiological, and qualitative methods to establish how behavior is regulated as a function of cognitive representations shaped by personal goals, previous experiences, and environmental cues that trigger and shape these cognitive representations, and how these representations can be leveraged for behavioural change.

Specifically, we address questions such as: how does desire develop?  What motivates a costly behaviour like consuming sugary drinks? How do healthy water drinking habits develop?  How does communication about plant-based and meat-based foods shape consumer behaviour?  How can we create a more sustainable food system?  Finally, we integrate insights from contemplative science to develop mindfulness approaches for dealing with unwanted desires in health and consumer behaviour. 

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