Esther K. Papies, PhD, lab director

Esther studied Social Sciences at University College Utrecht, The Netherlands, where she received a Bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in 2002.  She completed her MSc in Social Psychology in 2003, and received her PhD in 2008 at Utrecht University, working with Prof. Wolfgang Stroebe and Prof. Henk Aarts.  She received the Best Dissertation Award of the Dutch Association of Social Psychological Researchers, the Early Career Award (Jaspars Award) of the European Association for Social Psychology, and a VENI-grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.  Her research has been published in, for example, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Appetite, and the International Journal of Obesity.

Esther worked as an Assistant and then as an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Utrecht University, before joining the University of Glasgow as a Senior Lecturer in September 2015.  Esther’s work is currently funded by an ESRC-grant on “The Psychology of Sugary Drinks”.  She serves on the editorial boards of Social Cognition, Appetite, and Social Psychology, and is Associate Editor at the European Journal of Social Psychology. 

Contact Esther at Esther.Papies -at – glasgow dot ac dot uk.

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Maria Almudena Claassen, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Almudena studied Psychology at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands, and obtained her MSc in Social and Health Psychology in 2014. She then proceeded to do a PhD at the University libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, where she examined the influence of perceived socioeconomic status on impulsivity and eating behaviors. She completed her PhD in 2019 and joined the Healthy Cognition Lab in April 2020. She now works on an ESRC grant examining the role of consumption and reward simulations in the motivation for sugary drinks and water.

If you have any questions for Almudena, you can contact her at mariaalmudena.claassen-at-glasgow-dot-ac-dot-uk.

Betül Tatar, MSc, PhD Student

Betul_may2019Betül holds a BSc in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience from the University of Michigan (2015) and recently graduated with Distinction from the University of Glasgow MSc Psychological Science Conversion Program (2018).  In her PhD, Betül is studing self-regulation techniques in health behaviour, including mindfulness.

If you have questions, contact Betül via email ( – at – research dot gla dot ac dot uk).

Tess Davis, MSc, PhD Student

45118395_2220477721502905_3209103244634619904_nTess completed her Bachelors MA in Philosophy and Psychology in 2017, and more recently her MSc in Social Psychology in 2019, at the University of Edinburgh. Both her undergraduate dissertation and masters thesis explored the link between meat-eating and masculinity. For her ESRC-funded PhD in collaboration with the Better Buying Lab at the World Resources Institute, Tess is studying how language can be used to encourage sustainable eating choices.

If you have questions, contact Tess via email t.davis.3 – at – research dot gla dot ac dot uk.

Amy Rodger, BSc, PhD Student

LMK33Amy recently graduated with her BSc Psychology in 2018 from the University of Glasgow.  She is currently working on her MSc in Research Methods in Psychological Science within the Healthy Cognition Lab, before transitioning into her PhD.  Her ESRC-funded research is focused on using goal priming to promote water consumption, and is a collaboration with Danone, France.

Student members

Millie Dias, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student

Hanna Glandorf, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student

Gintare Semyte, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student

Julie McLeod, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student


LaLara_Wehbera Wehbe, BSc, MSc

Lara earned her Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics at the American University of Beirut (2005) and has extensive teaching experience. She recently completed her Master’s degree in Psychological Science Conversion Program with Distinction at the University of Glasgow (2019). Her research tackled the aspects of implicit bias in gender inequality from a social-cognitive perspective.  She is currently assisting our research on water consumption, and she will start her PhD in our lab on a fully funded scholarship from the College of Science and Engineering in October 2020.

Rebeka Pazmanyova

Rebeka is a 3rd year Psychology undergraduate who joined the lab in June 2020 as a Carnegie Vacation Scholar.  She is using a qualitative approach to examine people’s experiences when first learning decentering, a mindfulness-based technique to prevent food cravings.


None at the moment.


If you are interested in doing a PhD on the psychology of health behaviour in our lab, please get in touch!

Lab alumni

Dorottya Rusz, PhD, postdoctoral research assistant

Niklas Johannes, PhD, Radboud University – postgraduate research visitor and postdoctoral research assistant

Fridtjof Petersen, visiting undergraduate Psychology student from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands

Teya Daneva, Carnegie Vacation Scholar, UofG Neuroscience

Gintare Semyte, Carnegie Vacation Scholar, UofG Psychology

Madeleine Stork, MSc dissertation student

Natalia Ciranova, MSc dissertation student

Xiaojing Li, MSc dissertation student

Holly Miller, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student

Lina-Lotta Kauhanen, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student

Pavla Baarova, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student

Maisy Best, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Assistant (now Senior Researcher in the Equality and Poverty Analysis Unit of the Scottish Government)

Anna Tavoulari, MSc Dissertation Student

Lucy Grant, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student

Katerina Manoli, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student

Christopher Henshaw, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student

Johanna Werner, BSc, visiting researcher from Dresden University, Germany

Mike Keesman, PhD student

Katharina Lindner, PhD student

Caroline Jordan, lab intern

Ani Lazarova, summer intern, Wellcome Biomedical Vacation Scholarship

Kasia Mojescik, summer intern, Glasgow Science Centre Scholarship

Iris Versluis, MSc, PhD student