Esther K. Papies, PhD, lab director

Esther K. Papies

Esther studied Social Sciences at University College Utrecht, The Netherlands, where she received a Bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in 2002.  She completed her MSc in Social Psychology in 2003, and received her PhD in 2008 at Utrecht University, working with Prof. Wolfgang Stroebe and Prof. Henk Aarts.  She received the Best Dissertation Award of the Dutch Association of Social Psychological Researchers, the Early Career Award (Jaspars Award) of the European Association for Social Psychology, and a VENI-grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research.  Her research has been published in, for example, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Appetite, and the International Journal of Obesity.

Esther worked as an Assistant and then as an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Utrecht University, before joining the University of Glasgow as a Senior Lecturer in September 2015.

Contact Esther at Esther.Papies -at – glasgow dot ac dot uk.

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Maisy Best, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Assistant

maisy-bestMaisy is interested in the role of ‘executive control’ in behaviour change. Executive control refers to a set of cognitive functions that allows us to inhibit irrelevant actions, suppress unwanted information, and switch between task goals. Executive control is very important for everyday life; without the ability to control our behaviour, we would very rapidly find ourselves responding to any desirable stimulus that presented itself in our environment. To date, Maisy’s research has investigated how executive control interacts with lower level processes, such as associative learning. Maisy is interested in applying this approach to the domain of health behaviour to provide insight into the mechanisms through which people can resist tempting but unhealthy stimuli and to develop situated interventions that target automatic or nonconscious routes to behaviour.

Maisy completed a BSc degree in Psychology in 2012 and a MSc in Psychological Research Methods in 2013 both from the University of Exeter. Maisy recently defended her PhD thesis supervised by Prof. Frederick Verbruggen also at Exeter. Her thesis examined the interplay between top-down and bottom-up influences on response inhibition. Maisy joined the Healthy Cognition Lab as a Postdoctoral Research Assistant in September 2016.

Contact Maisy at Maisy.Best – at – glasgow dot ac dot uk.

Student members

Betul Tatar, BSc Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience University of Michigan, 2015; MSc Dissertation Student

Anna Tavoulari, MSc Dissertation Student

Lucy Grant, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student

Katerina Manoli, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student

Christopher Henshaw, Psychology Honours Dissertation Project Student



If you are interested in doing a PhD on the psychology of health behaviour in our lab, please get in touch!  You can find more information here.

Lab alumni

Johanna Werner, BSc, visiting researcher from Dresden University, Germany

Mike Keesman, PhD student

Katharina Lindner, PhD student

Caroline Jordan, lab intern

Ani Lazarova, summer intern

Kasia Mojescik, summer intern

Iris Versluis, MSc, PhD student