October 28, 2020:  Esther’s presentation at the Danone Hydration for Health conference launched online

Feb 17, 2020:  A brief interview at the Hydration for Health conference about our research on consumption and reward simulations and their role in desire

November 28, 2019: Esther contributes to Zero Waste Scotland’s campaign to reduce Christmas food waste

April 29, 2019: A brief interview with the EUFIC (European Food Information Council) on our work on overeating from unhealthy food portions among people with lower socioeconomic status

February 1, 2019: The Better Buying Lab referencing some of our work in their discussion of recent findings on using language to increase sales of plant-based foods

April 27, 2016: Our work on eating simulations and mindfulness featured on

April 21, 2016: Consumer recommendations from the Netherlands Nutrition Center based on Iris’ portion size research (Dutch)

April 13, 2016: Iris’ research on the portion size effect and on the effectiveness of pictorial portion size recommendations on RTL Nieuws and Metronieuws (Dutch)

January 29, 2016: Our mindfulness research in the Huffington Post

December 29, 2015: Our mindfulness research in The Greater Good Magazine, Berkeley

August 3, 2015: Our mindfulness research on Jonah Lehrer’s blog

November 17, 2014: Our mindfulness research in Pacific Standard Magazine

October 30, 2014: Our mindfulness research in NRC Handelsblad (Dutch)

September 19, 2014: Our research on priming in the grocery store on the BBC

April 2014: Our research on health goal priming in the Dutch and Belgian news (RTL Editie NL, Algemeen Dagblad, Reformatorisch Dagblad, VARA, De Morgen, De Standaard)

December 28, 2013: Radio interview on behavior change in “Pavlov” (Science program on Dutch public radio)

September 6, 2013: Our research on goal priming in the grocery store on Reuters News

August 9, 2012: Our research on health goal priming on

July 11, 2012: Our research on health goal priming on Medical News Today

July 10, 2012: Our research on health goal priming on Science Daily